2019 June 28-30 Guilin

【CPCI CNKI】2019 3rd International Conference on Education, Culture and Social Development

【EI Scopus】2019 3rd International Workshop on Education, Big Data and Information Technology


2019 Sept. 25-27 Canary Islands, Spain

2019 15th International Conference on Sensors and Electronic Instrumentation Advances


2019 Oct. 8-9 Guilin

【EI Scopus】2019 4th World Symposium on Mechanical and Control Engineering


2019 Nov. 7-9 Wuhan

【CPCI CNKI】 2019 4th International Conference on Economics and Management


2019 Nov. 14-16 Wuhan

【CPCI CNKI】 2019 International Conference on General Education, Culture and Tourism


2019 Dec. 8-10 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

【EI Scopus】 2019 3rd International Workshop on Geospatial Big Data and Smart Planet

【CPCI CNKI】 2019 1st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

【EI Scopus】 2019 Annual Meeting on Management Engineering

【EI Scopus】2019 4th International Conference on Intelligent Information Processing

【EI Scopus】 2019 2nd International Conference on E-Business, Information Management and Computer Science


2020 April 28-30 Hong Kong

【EI Scopus】 2020 2nd International Conference on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

【CPCI CNKI】2020 4th International Conference on Economics, Finance and Statistics

【Airiti CNKI】2020 International Symposium on Aeronautical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering

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